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    Форум satwarez » Развлекательный раздел » Фото Раздел » How do men feel about sex toys (Washington how made sex toys)
    How do men feel about sex toys
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    How to masturbate a man video

    sex kit for couples

    Impotence (erectile dysfunction) -
    Impotence (erectile dysfunction)
    What is impotence or
    erectile dysfunction (ED)? Impotence is the inability to
    a man to achieve and maintain an erection, which makes it impossible to complete
    satisfactorily intercourse. Lately it is more frequently referred to as
    "erectile dysfunction" (DE).
    It affects between 15 and 25% of men aged sixty-five and
    It increases with age.
    The risk of suffering
    an ED increases with age. In fact, between 15 and 25% of men in
    Sixty-five years cannot achieve a complete erection but only affects the
    5% of men in their forties. It is quite common to experience some
    Occasional episode of DE throughout life.
    important that men with this problem be aware of
    The most common cause of
    Occasional or temporary impotence is anxiety.
    Problems getting an erection can be treated with medication,
    sexual counseling, mechanical support or surgical treatment.
    Impotence can be a symptom of another disease, even without
    diagnose, which will require treatment.
    Of interest
    our sections 'Men's Health',
    'Sexuality' and 'Urology' you will find
    Related Posts. We suggest:
    Sexual dysfunction due to diseases
    Inability to ejaculate
    Male sexual response
    What is the cause
    of impotence? An erection is the result of
    interaction between the nervous system, the blood circulatory system, the
    hormonal balance and psychological factors. Therefore, erectile problems
    they can be caused by several factors and are often
    Problems in the
    sentimental relationship
    Anxiety and
    Anxiety for the result (concern for 'being
    good 'in bed)
    Unresolved sexual orientation
    Sexual boredom
    Physical causes
    Vascular disorders (of the vessels
    blood) are a common physical cause. Patients with
    arteriosclerosis, others
    heart or vascular diseases and high blood pressure
    blood (hypertension) have a higher risk of
    develop impotence
    Excessive blood drainage from
    the penis through the veins (venous leak) when the phenomenon of
    the erection
    diabetes is often associated with problems of
    erection. Sometimes the disease is discovered as a result of a study of
    smoking increases the risk of developing
    arteriosclerosis and therefore suffer from ED.
    In some cases, ED is a consequence of the side effect of
    certain medications, for example: some treatments for
    hypertension (drugs called beta blockers, primarily), some
    antidepressants and, to a lesser extent, others
    Side effects of
    non-prescribed drugs (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and others).
    Chronic alcohol abuse
    Diseases of the nervous system (cerebral infarctions,
    multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries
    Important surgical interventions, for
    example: radical prostate and bladder surgery (removal of these organs from
    complete form, as well as seminal vesicles), operations on the
    intestine (especially in the rectal portion), vascular surgery in the area of the
    pelvis, etc.
    Renal impairment (severe impairment of function
    Erectile tissue envelope disease
    penis (tunica albuginea) called La Peyronie's disease, which can cause
    a deformation of the penis, even with associated pain.
    Hormonal abnormalities (rare).
    Doctor consultations
    In 'Ask the doctor'
    See some questions of our users:
    brief sexual
    I am no longer
    what it was
    How is impotence diagnosed? The first
    step is to visit the general practitioner or the specialist (urologist). To find out
    more about the nature and extent of the problems, the doctor usually
    Ask detailed questions about your relationship and sex life.
    You will also ask questions about your overall health and about
    Any medication you take, including over-the-counter drugs. The doctor can
    raise the usefulness of including couples in the initial discussion. This
    can provide valuable information and moral support, since many men
    They find the subject difficult to address. The diagnosis is based on what
    You must make a
    Basic recognition to discover the cause of erectile dysfunction. By
    For example, the doctor can take your blood pressure, examine the condition of the
    circulatory system and its genitals or make a
    blood test u
    Urine to see if you have diabetes.
    Other blood tests such as hormonal tests may be necessary if
    there is suspicion that impotence is caused by a specific cause of
    this origin.
    The doctor may request that it be done
    a night tumescence test. In it, the activity is revealed
    Erectile during sleep, which is that it is a usual physiological reaction in
    the men. Generally an apparatus fitted with rings or ones is placed
    electrodes that attach to the base and tip of the penis for two or three
    nights This test is expensive and has special utility in cases where the
    Problem has psychological origin.
    Can also inject
    a substance to the penis to make it erect. This test can guide the
    cause between the different forms of impotence, although it is invasive and has
    certain risks (pain,
    Priapism or prolonged erection). Can be accompanied
    of an exploration with
    ultrasound (doppler) to evaluate the state of the system
    Although much less frequently, some
    urologists indicate cavernosometry, which involves infusing fluid into the body
    cavernous, after having punctured it, to check its dynamics.
    You can also enter contrast, which will give us an image of what
    It occurs with the venous system (cavernosography).
    How is the
    impotence? If there is an underlying cause for the
    Impotence may require specific treatment.
    it seems that the problem has psychological causes, the patient should refer to
    The consultation of the sexual psychotherapist. In this regard, it should be noted that it is
    quite common, for example, for a man to become impotent because he
    He feels guilty that he doesn't like his wife anymore.
    To others
    Men lack confidence, they think that their penis does not work well; this
    It can get worse with a couple who wants to have sex because
    Eager to get pregnant. In such cases, man can feel
    resentful of being used as a "sperm maker" machine and his penis,
    let's say, he simply goes on strike. In addition, there are men who feel that
    Sex is something dirty or bad.
    In this kind of
    situations, counseling can help man reveal his problem and
    talk about your most intimate thoughts what might be enough to
    cure your DE.
    Years ago it was thought that for the most part
    of the cases, the problem of ED was purely psychological. With the new
    knowledge in this subject, and the general population studies more and more
    thorough, this is far from real.
    ED is a very complex issue. Sometimes it simply is not possible
    establish the cause, whether medical or psychological. But, whatever your
    origin, many impotent men are successfully treated with one of the
    following methods:
    Medication treatment
    Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Its arrival was a
    radical change in the ED approach, because it has made the desire for
    have an oral drug that is truly effective in the
    Treatment of this problem. Globally, it is effective in up to 70-80% of
    the patients (although in certain groups of patients, for example,
    diabetics, the success rate is approximately 50%) and a
    hour before the sexual act. It does not cause an erection unless the man is
    sexually stimulated The preparation can be used for the treatment of
    impotence of various origins, but will not be prescribed to patients who take
    medicines with nitrate for
    angina pectoris or patients who have had a
    heart attack or stroke, even if you are
    Circumstances should always be assessed by the doctor.
    important that a man taking Viagra is under the supervision of a doctor
    Specialist in this subject. Viagra is a very potent drug and should not be taken
    never for fun, nor should it be purchased online, without prior evaluation
    by a doctor. The side effects of this drug are relatively
    Frequent, although they are of low intensity and duration. Among these, it fits
    highlight, fundamentally:
    headache, stomach discomfort ("burning"), suffocation on the face (blush) and, less
    frequent, the visual perception of a bluish tint, usually very short
    Two new drugs are marketed in Spain
    whose mechanism of action is similar to that of Viagra (inhibitors of
    phosphodiesterase type V). The first one is called Cialis (the principle
    active is tadalafil) and is available in doses of 10 and 20 mg. The
    main advantage is that it has a longer duration of the action
    (12 hours and even higher).
    The other drug, Levitra
    (vardenafil), has been available in pharmacies since April 2003 in doses of
    5, 10 and 20 mg, and has a profile similar to Viagra.
    In both cases the possible side effects are similar in
    frequency and characteristics to those of Viagra. Unfortunately for the
    patients, the retail price is also similar to Viagra.
    Globally all three drugs have similar efficacy rates.
    Uprima (hydrochloride
    apomorphine) This drug has a mechanism of action to
    level of the brain (specifically in a region called the hypothalamus), and
    amplify proactive projections at that level and thereby amplify the
    "central" neurological signals responsible for erection of the
    The route of administration is sublingual, and the
    effect can be perceived around 20 minutes. It is dispensed in doses of 2 or 3
    mg, although the latter is recommended.
    Together, the
    efficacy of this drug is lower than that of Viagra, especially if there is a
    organic cause of ED. It has the advantage that the dose can be repeated at
    throughout the day, although it cannot be taken with drugs that contain
    nitrates As side effects (rare, but more likely to greater
    dose) we must mention nausea, vomiting and headaches
    Among the most frequent.
    Injection therapy
    The patient is instructed to inject a substance into the
    penis that will cause an erection. A needle similar to the one used is used
    diabetics to inject insulin, administering the treatment on
    Own patient or your partner. The treatment is effective in about 75% of
    All the men. The injection is given 10 minutes before intercourse and
    Erection is intended to last around an hour. Some may occur
    side effects, many of them are preventable using a good technique
    Injection Among these effects, the most feared is that of erections
    prolonged (more than 4 hours), which are rare, but require treatment
    urgent hospital.
    Several preparations are available
    different, although some require an elaboration in the pharmacy or the
    hospital. Through the Social Security the Caverject (the
    active substance is alprostadil), which can be purchased in pharmacies
    both in doses of 10 and 20 micrograms, and that incorporates everything necessary
    For your application.
    Transurethral therapy A small applicator that
    It contains a drug similar to that used for injection therapy.
    introduce a few centimeters into the urethra (passage of urine). The drug is
    absorbed through the wall of the urethra into the erectile tissue. This
    treatment can be uncomfortable (discomfort and even burning and pain in the
    glans or tip of the penis) and is much less effective than the injection method.
    In Spain it has not been commercialized.
    Rare Hormones
    once men may have a deficiency of
    testosterone, and replacement therapy can help
    in the treatment of ED in certain cases. The testosterone patches that
    recently they can be prescribed in our country can facilitate the
    application of this drug, which otherwise requires an injection
    periodic intramuscular (every two to three weeks); however, they can occur
    skin irritations in the patch placement area even in spite of
    Change the place of application.
    Mechanical supports
    Pubic ring
    A rubber or bakelite ring is placed around the base of the penis. Is
    especially effective in men who cannot maintain an erection much
    time, usually by presenting a mild-moderate defect in the mechanism of
    venous closure It is dangerous to keep it a long time; It is advised that you do not know
    use more than half an hour at most.
    Vacuum pump
    It consists of a cylinder, in which low pressure has been created, which is placed on
    penis. When an erection is achieved, a pubic ring is placed (see paragraph
    anterior) around the penis to maintain the erection. There are possible effects
    side effects, including a feeling of coldness in the penis or
    Small bruises, fundamentally. This method has been very popular in
    United States, but its implementation in Spain has been scarce.
    Implants This treatment consists of
    insertion of cylinders (prostheses) into the penis to cause erection
    mechanics. There are several different types of
    prosthesis. It is important to understand that this treatment
    should not be used unless other methods have failed, because after
    implanting a prosthesis can no longer use another method for
    ED treatment.
    Surgical correction of a venous leak
    Remarkably, surgery here doesn't always work out.
    Whatever the
    treatment that the man receives, sexual advice may be needed. From
    However, experience shows that if the couple affected by ED
    receives instruction in a specific course of therapy, the possibilities of
    Success are greater.

    What is health in no man's sky

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