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    Форум satwarez » Спутниковые ключи » Обсуждение ключей » Can vaseline be used as lube for men sex toys (Arlington Heights xxx with sex toys)
    Can vaseline be used as lube for men sex toys
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    How often should an adult male masturbate

    couples sex toy

    Premature ejaculation -
    Premature ejaculation
    What is ejaculation?
    early, precocious, premature? When a man is sexually excited, he usually
    have an erection Whether
    masturbates or has sex with a
    couple, your excitement will intensify and eventually ejaculate. Ejaculation
    it consists of a coordinated action of various genital and pelvic structures
    which give rise, in the first instance, to the deposit of the ejaculate in the urethra and to
    its subsequent evacuation through it abroad. This process is accompanied
    usually of pleasant sensations that constitute the
    male orgasm
    Premature ejaculation can
    end up creating problems in the couple; but generally it has
    In a normal sexual relationship, the
    excitation increases progressively until a plateau phase (of
    stabilization), enjoying your sexual pleasure until such time as
    voluntarily reaches the climax. However, some men ejaculate very
    quickly. In fact, some even climax before penetrating their
    partner. If a man usually ejaculates very quickly and much earlier
    that your partner would like, obviously has a problem, which is called
    premature ejaculation (EP). In PD, the male cannot remain in the phase of
    plateau (stabilization), but there is a rapid excitation and a
    involuntary ejaculation If this is the problem, there are means available to
    get over it
    To know
    In our section 'Sexuality'
    You will find articles of great interest:
    Inability to ejaculate
    Orgasmic disorder: problems in
    Early (PD) is the most frequent sexual dysfunction, calculated to affect
    even 30% of men. However, this figure also influences the
    that the term has been defined in a very precise way. Let's put three
    The manual
    diagnosis "of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM IV, 1995) is
    refers to it as the situation in which "persistence occurs or
    recurrence of ejaculation before a minimum prior stimulation, during or
    immediately after penetration, always before the subject
    want ".
    It has also been described as the inability to
    exercise adequate voluntary control over ejaculation, producing this
    reflexively and uncontrollably before, during or immediately after the
    Masters and Johnson, prestigious
    70s sex therapists defined PD as the inability to
    defer ejaculation enough for the couple to reach orgasm
    50% of the times.
    In most of the
    cases, the cause of PD is usually psychic, considering the
    most frequent manifestation of a set of ejaculatory alterations of
    psycho-sexual base that also includes the
    delayed ejaculation and post-ejaculatory pain.
    Very rarely it can be secondary to certain processes
    organic such as degenerative disorders, vascular or type alterations
    neurological (spinal tumors,
    multiple sclerosis), urethral abnormalities
    posterior and of the
    prostate, etc. Also, numerous drugs can
    affect ejaculation, and some may act by facilitating it.
    Ejaculation is a complex process that requires coordination
    of several nerve pathways and the integrity of the various organs involved.
    The stimuli involved in ejaculation and orgasm come from
    glans, external genitalia and the posterior area of the urethra. These stimuli
    They are transmitted through the nerves of the penis to the spinal cord.
    The cerebral cortex receives information from the
    sensory stimuli and other areas of the nervous system responsible for
    orgasm. However, once the ejaculation phenomenon has started, the
    The brain cannot exert any control over it. However, it can
    voluntarily control the onset of ejaculation, graduating the intensity
    of the stimuli that cause it.
    Inquiries to
    See some questions of our users in 'Ask the
    Sexual intercourse
    I am no longer what
    How is premature ejaculation treated?
    Some men help each other considerably
    using sexual therapy techniques. This must be understood within the context of
    the couple; In addition, we must not forget that sexual behavior is the interaction
    between individual and the environment, in which numerous factors intervene
    environmental (cultural, personality, family environment, age, etc.).
    Psycho-sexual treatment is effective in many cases.
    Stimulation-stop and penis compression techniques are the most
    The best way to address your problem is
    Get help from the couple. You may need the help of a professional in
    some time, but in fact you can try together at home the technique of stopping
    and start to see if they can
    improve things for themselves.
    How does the
    stop and start technique? The technique of "stop and
    start "is the most popular:
    First you can try masturbation. One is done
    stimulation until considerable excitation is achieved and then stops and
    The sensations are allowed to calm down. It is recommended that several
    times before allowing yourself to climax.
    therapists recommend that the man lie on his back, naked and
    relaxed. Your partner, also naked, should sit or lie nearby. The man
    you must remain passive (does nothing) while she is active, and you
    caresses in an way that induces an erection. The male will only focus on
    the caresses and the sensation and sexual tension it causes.
    When he feels that sexual tension increases and that his ejaculation
    is close, will tell her to stop. She will stop petting him immediately
    and sexual tension will decrease. The male will lose the feeling that he is at
    ejaculate point.
    Then she will begin to stroke another
    time, until he tells her to stop. Stop and start this way three
    times. The fourth time, for example, continue until ejaculation.
    How often
    Can you repeat the exercise? The exercise can be
    Repeat as often as desired. Remember that the male has to
    remain passive and only she be active. The male needs to concentrate
    exclusively in your own problem without performing any activity
    Is the male ready for intercourse? After a while
    the man will learn to control himself more and more, and can let her continue more
    time before feeling that it reaches "the point of no return". In fact, when
    feel much more confident in your control, and this will probably take several
    weeks, you can try to make an intercourse.
    Must use
    again the technique of stopping and starting. The most appropriate position to start
    it is in which the woman straddles the man, who will ask him to
    stop moving when the sensations get too strong and then
    You should allow your feelings to calm down before she continues. Be
    you should try several times, trying not to allow yourself to reach orgasm until
    the fourth time, for example, as in the previous phase.
    It may be a good idea that she be stimulated by the male or
    by herself for
    have an orgasm before or after intercourse, because in
    this moment of the sexual act man needs to be free to take care
    exclusively of his sensations and his ejaculation.
    However, many couples find they need help
    additional from a professional (psychologists specialized in this field). Too
    You can be told to use the "compression-stop technique". Is about
    a technique that the woman learns and that requires her to compress the penis of the
    man every time he is climaxing.
    However, there are patients who find these techniques uncomfortable, or
    They simply do not want this type of therapy. In addition, it has several
    inconveniences; requires the participation of the couple in the sessions and
    They require certain cultural conditions.

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    Форум satwarez » Спутниковые ключи » Обсуждение ключей » Can vaseline be used as lube for men sex toys (Arlington Heights xxx with sex toys)
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