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    Форум satwarez » Компьютерный мир » Компьютерные Новости » Do men like sex toys (Columbus living sex toy porn)
    Do men like sex toys
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    Androgenetic alopecia: common baldness -
    Androgenetic alopecia: common baldness
    What is it? The
    androgenetic alopecia, also called common baldness in men and
    hereditary loss in women, is a common feature from the point of view
    genetic, produced by androgens in men, and women sensitive to them.
    It is the most common cause of hair loss, both in men and in
    Alopecia, or baldness, has
    Different patterns of appearance.
    starts in the
    adolescence or early adulthood in both
    sexes and is often fully expressed around 40 years of
    According to several statistics, it would affect around
    from 25% of men between the ages of 25 and 35, to 40% of those over 40
    years and 50% of those over 50, increasing the percentage as
    that we consider more advanced age groups. In women they could be seen
    affected around 28%, although there are no large studies at
    In the past, baldness used to be considered
    something unfortunate or unwanted. However, this attitude has changed with the
    years and, at present, a shaved head is usually considered even as
    Something modern and attractive.
    Know more
    See in our
    section 'The skin' others
    frequent problems like
    What is the cause and how is it
    produces? In androgenetic alopecia, the phenomenon
    fundamental, both in men and women, is miniaturization
    Progress of the hair follicle in certain areas of the scalp, which
    ends up transforming from terminal hair (own hair of
    scalp from 3-4 months of age, which
    results from the transformation of body hair after the effect of
    androgens) until hair, and finally disappears. its about a process
    spontaneous and irreversible and that usually starts from adolescence, due to
    to the increase in the numbers and activity of androgens. There are several
    androgens that can act on the follicle with a degree of activity
    different, the most active being the hormone dehydrotestosterone.
    The areas sensitive to androgen activity are the zone
    half above the forehead and the crown of the man, and the entire area
    upper and central head in women, the degree of sensitivity being
    and, therefore, the tendency to develop androgenetic alopecia,
    determined by an inheritance that is transmitted from parents to children with a
    variable intensity (the famous family tradition).
    Androgenetic alopecia pattern in males varies from the accentuation of
    the entries, going through the diffuse loss in the middle zone above the
    forehead and / or crown, until the loss of all hair except the
    located in the posterior and lateral margins of the head. The difference
    fundamental with women is that they don't get to stay completely
    bald Women have diffuse hair loss, often with more
    involvement in the upper central region, without receding the line of
    hair implantation, and the scalp may be visible.
    Therefore, in androgenetic alopecia there is a
    shortening and thinning of hair, which are called hair
    miniaturized These hairs show a significant loss of diameter and
    length and are the defining feature of androgenetic alopecia. Baldness
    transforms long, thick and pigmented hair into thin, lighter hair
    and hairy.
    How is it diagnosed?
    To carry out a proper diagnosis
    and successful of androgenetic alopecia, it is essential that your doctor perform
    a correct interrogation about possible family history and
    You should also take into account the
    possibility that androgenetic alopecia appears associated with others
    hair disorders
    There may be other forms of
    alopecia that appear next to androgenetic alopecia.
    Other types of alopecia that may pose confusion with alopecia
    Androgenetic are: telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, traction alopecia,
    loose anagen syndrome, alopecia produced by
    drugs, diffuse alopecia areata, etc.
    Inquiries to
    See in our section 'Ask the doctor' some questions
    of our users:
    Hair loss and
    What is the treatment of androgenetic alopecia?
    The treatment of alopecia is one of the great challenges of the
    humanity. It is paradoxical that a process with dyes fundamentally
    cosmetics, arouse such a deep concern among the genre
    The most frequently used treatments
    They are:
    placebo We understand by placebo that substance that,
    lacking therapeutic action by itself, it produces some curative effect if
    he who receives it is convinced that the substance really possesses such
    action. Although they are not placebos in the strict sense, the market is
    saturated preparations based on
    vitamins and immediate principles that tend to
    strengthen hair Its usefulness is more than doubtful, since it really only
    those alopecia secondary to a deficit would benefit from its use
    Minoxidil Acts by increasing the thickness of the stem
    hair, as well as reducing the percentage of hairs in the fall phase. Used
    in different concentrations and sometimes associated with other substances to
    Increase its effectiveness.
    Finasteride is a drug administered by route
    oral that blocks the passage of testosterone to dehydrotestosterone, which is the
    hormone responsible to a greater extent for androgenetic alopecia. Used
    also in the treatment of
    benign prostatic hyperplasia. It has been shown that
    stops alopecia to a large extent and, in a significant proportion of men,
    Stimulates the growth of new hair.
    Oral antiandrogens
    In women, oral antiandrogens can be used:
    cyproterone acetate or flutamide. Reduce fall and seborrhea.
    Surgical hair transplants can be performed,
    in which hair from the back areas are implanted or
    side of the head in the same patient. There are also other techniques
    variables according to the extent and location of alopecia.

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    Форум satwarez » Компьютерный мир » Компьютерные Новости » Do men like sex toys (Columbus living sex toy porn)
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