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    Форум satwarez » Модули и карты доступа » Программы для работы с DVB картами » Who made men in black toys (Chillicothe chasey lain sex toys)
    Who made men in black toys
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    How to masturbate as a trans man pre surgry

    dilldo toys

    Male condom, what it is and what it is for: do we know how to use it?
    Male condom, what it is and what it is for: do we know how to use it?
    The male condom or condom is the most commonly used method of contraception. It consists of a thin case made of latex (elastic material) that is used during sexual intercourse and is placed in the penis when it is erect to prevent semen from passing into the vagina and unwanted pregnancies occur, as well as to prevent infections of sexual transmission Therefore, it is indicated for vaginal, anal and oral sex.
    According to the VII Daphne Survey of Contraception in Spain, its use has been progressively increased in recent years to consolidate around 37%. The male condom is, above all, the option most used by young people with unstable partners; Sometimes, as a complement to hormonal methods. However, it is advisable for anyone to avoid infection with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Its effectiveness in this regard is around 95%, since for some STDs, such as scabiosis or genital warts, it does not exert protection because it does not cover the scrotum.
    Despite this, the male condom is more effective as a barrier method to prevent pregnancy (97% effective), and is essential in the fight to prevent HIV infections.
    They have average dimensions of 17 cm long and 5 cm wide, and although they are mostly made of latex, they are also made of polyurethane for people with a latex allergy, although their effectiveness seems lower. Its widespread use among the population has made all kinds of brands, textures, colors, and even flavors proliferate for consumers; many of them also include lubricants to facilitate penetration, spermicides and even ejaculation retardants. If you are going to use it with lubricants, keep in mind that they are not fatty oils, such as petroleum jelly or body creams, but must be water based.
    Avoid keeping them in your wallet, pocket, car or any place where it can break or where heat or cold can make it unusable. It is best to keep them somewhere in low light and at room temperature. If when you open it, you notice any kind of damage or scratch, it is best to throw it away and use another one.
    Remember that it only has one use. Once the sexual relationship is over, check that it has not been broken and throw it away, never down the toilet.

    How to make a homemade sex toy for men

    Скачайте плейлист на 340 канала, в том числе более 80 в HD.


    Форум satwarez » Модули и карты доступа » Программы для работы с DVB картами » Who made men in black toys (Chillicothe chasey lain sex toys)
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