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    Форум satwarez » Развлекательный раздел » Видео - Юмор » What men sex toys are there (Bristol tasteful sex toys)
    What men sex toys are there
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    Can lotion be used in a male masturbator

    couples sex kits

    Testicular nodules and tumors -
    Testicular nodules and tumors
    Self scan
    There are several pathological anomalies that
    can easily be confused with cancer
    Although the
    Testicular cancer is uncommon (1-2% of tumors
    of the adult) it is not quite rare to find a lump or mass in the scrotum (skin
    covering the testicles). There are several pathological anomalies that can
    easily confused with testicular cancer, and most of them are not
    so serious Among the common abnormalities that can affect the testicles or
    The scrotum will include:
    of a testicle
    Hydrocele / Varicocele
    Testicular torsion
    Know more
    Read more articles of interest in
    Our section 'Health
    masculine '
    Missing testicle
    The testicles can sometimes move easily in and out
    of the scrotum, so that it is sometimes difficult to find them (they are called
    Retractable or "elevator" testicles). For example, if you examine these
    males after swimming in cold water it can be difficult to notice even the
    If you have always missed a testicle in the
    scrotum or if you have a testicle that has never moved from the abdomen to
    scrotum (cryptorchidism or lack of testicular descent) should consult
    to the urologist The cryptorchid testicles should be treated as soon as possible and
    adults who have suffered this pathology in childhood need
    self-examine on a regular basis, since the risk of
    developing testicular cancer increases in these cases.
    The skin of the scrotum is usually rough and rough. Small elevations
    on the cauliflower-shaped skin they can be warts and should be treated
    doctor. Do not try to remove them yourself.
    small and smooth that can be seen in the scrotum and in the groove of the penis
    (between the glans and the body of the penis) are normal and correspond simply
    to hair follicles or sweat glands. These are especially visible.
    with an erect penis, a situation that often causes false alarms and
    unnecessary worries
    Hernia Una
    portion of the intestine can exit through the muscular wall located in
    the junction between the thigh and the abdomen (inguinal region) and form a swelling
    or inguinal hernia. In some cases, the hernia can move towards the
    scrotum. There is a greater probability in men than in women because
    to the potential weakness in the wall of the abdomen at the height of the groin. If he
    lump in the scrotum corresponds to an inguinal hernia, certain maneuvers that
    they increase the pressure in the abdomen (for example, the cough impulse) make
    the pressure is transmitted to the scrotum and increase the volume of the
    However, men are not usually
    aware of said hernia until it is very large or if they are strangled
    (the arteries that provide the blood supply are compressed),
    causing sudden pain. If you learn to lift weights correctly, you will
    Keeps active and monitors your weight, will reduce the risk of hernia. Once you have
    developed a hernia, a "truss" will prevent strangulation by keeping the
    intestine in the natural place, but this does not solve the problem and the
    Surgical intervention is always the best option.
    Doctor consultations
    In 'Ask the doctor'
    we answer your questions

    How to get health in no man's sky

    Скачайте плейлист на 340 канала, в том числе более 80 в HD.


    Форум satwarez » Развлекательный раздел » Видео - Юмор » What men sex toys are there (Bristol tasteful sex toys)
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