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    Форум satwarez » Развлекательный раздел » Куплю Продам » Why men want their wives to try sex toys (Rotterdam world's most expensive sex toy)
    Why men want their wives to try sex toys
    SumocorДата: Вторник, 01.10.2019, 22:55:22 | Сообщение # 1
    Группа: Пользователь
    Сообщений: 30
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    How many times can a male masturbate in a day

    cheap sex toy for men

    Premature Ejaculation and Psychology
    Premature ejaculation is one of the most frequent male sexual dysfunctions today, however very few are men who go to a doctor or mental health professional to express their crisis openly and in confidence.
    Premature ejaculation Silence is the greatest enemy in these cases, not knowing how to share the problem in time can cause great conflicts difficult to deal with in the future.
    What is premature ejaculation? It consists in persistent and recurrent semen expulsion in response to sexual stimulation, whether before, during or after penetration without the person wishing to. This disorder, according to sexual health professionals, is one of the most experienced by men. Professionals estimate that between 30 and 60% of men have ever suffered. Premature ejaculation can be related to several causes, for that the doctor or psychotherapist must obtain all the possible information for a good treatment.
    Causes of premature ejaculation To discover the main cause of premature ejaculation it is advisable to see a doctor to rule out any organic abnormality that is resulting in this disorder. In some cases, ejaculation is also the result of infections that usually occur in the urogenital areas of the urethra and prostate or hormonal imbalances.
    If the problem is not organic, it is advisable to go to a mental health professional so that through an evaluation you can inquire about what the origin would be.
    Among the psychological factors associated with premature ejaculation are anxiety and depression, which would be the most frequent non-organic causes that affect the disorder, stress related to economic, family, etc. It also plays a very important role.
    Some professionals point out that both alcoholism, smoking or drug use also affect premature ejaculation.
    What kind of problems causes premature ejaculation?
    Low self-esteem
    Anxiety in the couple and in the male
    Low levels of sexual satisfaction
    Many times sexual relations become tense as the man is more concerned with containing ejaculation and not enjoying the sexual act. But not only is the male affected, the couple also suffers the consequences both in the psychological and organic fields, the latter that is often manifested in its decrease in the experience of sexual pleasure during relationships.
    Diagnosis of premature ejaculation For a good diagnosis, the professional must prepare a complete medical history to fully understand the problem, the professional will inquire about how frequent and what the duration of premature ejaculation is, and the type of relationship that the affected person carries with your partner.
    All these points are important for a good diagnosis, many men in the office usually omit certain details due to the shame that the report produces, although in reality these information are usually very important when establishing a good diagnosis. The omission of information can hinder the design of the most effective treatment in each case, so it is important to create a good climate of trust in order to fully assess the case.
    Treatment of premature ejaculation Once with the diagnosis we can see what the severity of the case is and what type of treatment we can use, the techniques that can be used range from pharmacological to psychological therapies.
    Cognitive behavioral psychotherapies have proven very effective in treating these problems. It is important to know that putting yourself in the hands of a competent professional in this area also helps an effective treatment with positive results.
    Within the psychological psychotherapies, the most important thing is to give the patient and his sexual partner all the correct information about the problem he suffers, that the patient learns to identify the sensations that precede the orgasm and that he is able to properly regulate his sexual arousal and So to control your ejaculatory reflex.
    Sometimes pharmacological treatment is recommended, as long as it is prescribed by the specialist. Cases in which couples self-medicate with products (creams, pills, gel that are sold through the internet, TV, or media not endorsed by health authorities, bringing difficulties in the body in the person who uses it and not solving the underlying problem.
    The most effective techniques, as mentioned above, are those based on cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. There are many articles and manuals that speak and explain the techniques in detail. One of the authorities in this specialty is Dr. Helen Kaplan, who through her manuals has offered a fundamental contribution in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and sexology.
    Bibliographic references:
    Caballo, V. (2006) Cognitive Behavioral Manual. Faculty of psychological sciences of the University of Guayaquil.
    Kaplan, H. (2010), Illustrated Manual of Sex Therapy

    Should men own sex toys

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    SumocorДата: Пятница, 04.10.2019, 10:34:50 | Сообщение # 2
    Группа: Пользователь
    Сообщений: 30
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    unique dildos

    п»їFor these reasons you should wear tighter clothes when exercising
    If you have attended the gym in recent days (and who has not?), You may have noticed that they seem to wear clothes three sizes smaller than theirs or that they are about to burst their seams, however, beyond The fashion of showing your physique in too tight clothes are part of a new wave of sports fashion that, without them knowing, helps them train better: have you ever heard of compression clothing? If not, you should continue reading to see yourself cool and improve your training at the same time.
    How do compression garments work?
    Sportswear manufacturers have focused completely to meet this new demand, through the graduation of each garment in which they measure the compression pressure using a unit called mmHg or millimeters of mercury, a different degree of understanding can be obtained in garments such as shorts, short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved shirts, calf sleeves and arm sleeves.
    More and more runners and trainers wear compression clothing and the problem is that not many know why or the effect they have on their routine. Narrow exercise clothing is not only a mere whim of comfort, but also has a positive impact on our body: What other technology reduces injuries, helps you recover faster and perform better? Here are the benefits of compression garments in training:
    They help blood flow
    The compression elements work by applying pressure on various parts of the body, for the arms the compression is applied when wearing tight sleeves or shirts thus helping the veins to carry blood to the heart, in the case of other limbs, the tight socks are tighter at the ankles, with less compression at the top in order to press the muscles and veins up.
    Decrease muscle fatigue
    Wearing tight clothing guarantees maximum muscle performance: it increases muscle power and reduces fatigue. When we run, the muscles of our legs swing up and down, and from one side to the other, by compressing that area it prevents the muscle from wearing out by concentrating only with the movement exerted by the repetition of the routine we are executing.
    It offers you greater resistance
    If you are a runner, you are definitely associated with the term of resistance: and that is to go further has always been one of the goals in mind. By wearing high-tech compression socks that tend to be more tight in the lower leg than in the upper part, gradual compression is stimulated and blood flow increases, which translates into improved oxygen transport system in your body.
    Accelerate muscle recovery
    If after training notes that your muscles begin to shake, you have to know that micro tears are being generated, to avoid compression in the worked area it helps the muscle to recover faster and the pain that is usually felt one or two days later Because of DMAT, late onset muscle pain decreases.
    Now that you know the benefits of compression clothing when exercising, what do you expect to leave the tracksuit aside?
    Images | Pexels
    In Jared Man | Add graphics to your closet with the most colorful pieces of the Pull & Bear sales this season

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    kaprioloqhДата: Среда, 23.10.2019, 04:34:02 | Сообщение # 3
    Группа: Пользователь
    Сообщений: 14
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    Добрый день друзья!

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    Форум satwarez » Развлекательный раздел » Куплю Продам » Why men want their wives to try sex toys (Rotterdam world's most expensive sex toy)
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